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Briefly: Suspended in Language will soon (where "soon" is a ways off, really, since translation takes a while!) be available in Japanese from Kodansha and Korean from Green Knowledge.

Kodansha -- via their Blue Backs line of books -- did a wonderful job with Feynman and I've been very pleased with all the Korean editions of my books as well, so I'm excited and pleased to have my two physics heroes meet up out on the Pacific Rim.
Feynman paperback coverIt's a Friday when a lot of people shop, and do so hoping to get a great deal, so I'd like to offer you what I think is a great deal:

The first 10 purchases of any book from will get a free copy of Feynman. (I'll love it if you buy more than one book, but to be fair to all this will be a one-per-order thingee...) After that first ten, I'll still send you something for free along with your purchase, but it may not be that book. It will be comics- or science-related, though!

Let's try this through Dec. 10, 2013, shall we?

And...I'll sign any of the books to anyone on your holiday gift list, including you, if you're in the mood to treat yourself to something nice.
Note that I have to limit this offer to folks in the U.S., since I don't have time right now to figure out postage and fill out customs forms and wait in the lengthening lines at the post office. I can only procrastinate so much on writing the next book, after all!

So, I hope you head over to and pick out a new favorite!
First Second and I have created new teacher's guides for Feynman and Primates. They look great (that's because of First Second's fabulous designers) and are full of useful information about the books (I can take some credit for that part). 

We think teachers...and casual readers too...will find them useful. You can find them at the links above. 

And, thanks for reading these, and all my other stories. As Banned Books Week approaches I'm inclined to paraphrase the oft-banned George Orwell and say that all readers are equal, but some readers are more equal than others. Those are the ones who head towards the bibliographies I include in my books and then read even more about these scientists!

Feynman paperback coverQuestion: What has the same great cover and interior art, but lots more blurbs and doesn't cost as much as its first incarnation and has five fewer typos and weighs 1.2 ounces less and now has no run-on sentences?

Answer: Feynman, in paperback. It's out tomorrow, April 30, and it's also more bendy than the hardcover, which makes it perfect for those times when...heck, I don't know, when you need a shin pad. You know, in an emergency?

Nobody said this was a good riddle, but all those blurbs on the back and "The #1 NYT Bestseller" bit that's now on the front indicate it's not just Leland and me who are happy with how the book turned out.

(p.s. I didn't really weigh it, and I don't think the hardcover had any run-on sentences.)

Feynman's Manhattan Project I.D. Photo.This is merely link-blogging, but I think you'll forgive that once you've seen Alex Wellerstein's terrific post on I.D. photos for the Manhattan Project. I read his blog regularly, and you should too.

And yes, that's you-know-who, looking like he came straight from central casting to play Boy Genius.

Feynman at SFO's Compass bookstoreIt really did happen, thanks to Compass at SFO! And, of course, Hark! A Vagrant. Thanks for the tip, Wow Cool!

I hope you'll join Leland Myrick and me at the American Institute of Physics this Friday to celebrate Feynman's birthday. I don't know if we'll have cake, but we will have books!

Feynman: The eBook

Feynman coverThat's not the real subtitle, but you can now get Feynman via iTunes.

It really is the future.
The Toronto Comics Art Festival is one of my favo(u)rite shows of the year, and I can't wait for this one because Leland Myrick and I will be right next to each other talking, signing, sketching (him, not me!) and planning our talk** all about Feynman.

So, come visit the Toronto Reference Library and meet me at table 125, then move on to talk with Kate Beaton, Guy Delisle, Gabriella Giandelli, Jeff Smith, Gabriel Bá, Alison Bechdel, Tom Gauld, Kazu Kibuishi, and Bryan Lee O'Malley. And that's just a few of the guests.

If history is any guide, it will be great.

(**The talk is not at TCAF, but at the American Institute of Physics on the occasion of Feynman's birthday. That's next week in the DC area -- though Feynman's birthday is everywhere -- and I'm not sure if it's open to the public. If/when I find out more, I'll give a shout.)

Keep Calm, Project Y

Two videos, one related to last year's book (Feynman, with Leland Myrick) and one related to the upcoming Imitation Game (with Leland Purvis).

The book Leland and I made continues to do well, and has now made it to double digits on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

Barely, but no complaints...the top three (Tintin, Habibi, and Hark! A Vagrant) are all great and the Twilight and Walking Dead juggernauts are tough to beat as well. Even for Richard Feynman.
Thanks to Jerzy Drozd, I got to talk about comics with Nick Abadzis (and Jerzy as well)! It was a lot of fun, and as is the case every time I talk to Nick and/or Jerzy, I learned stuff.

Watch at Comics Are Great!
It turns out you didn't have to be there. But you'll wish you had been anyway...

I've updated the book tour post with some bits about the first big push. Thanks to all who came out to hear about Feynman!

Home...I like it here. aired a podcast interview with me a few days ago, and somehow I missed it. Maybe you did too.

Even if that doesn't fill you with regret, there's a lot more than just me on the show (good news!), but they still titled the episode as a whole "Richard Feynman is still awesome". If you listen in, you'll find out that I agree.
A treat for today!

Well, our book still made it into this part of the paper. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I... well, you know the rest!

Thank you to everyone who's bought the book. I'm stunned, as are Superman, Captain America, Sookie Stackhouse, Wolverine, Ook and Gluk, and a bunch of zombies and sparkly vampires. But you know, up against Richard Feynman I think they're all fighting out of their weight class.
I continue my week of shameless self-promotion with a piece published in Nature. It's short, but Marc asked a lot more great questions than he had room to present in the print version. We talked for two hours, and he taught me at least a half-dozen things about my own book.
Really. The Wall Street Journal of all places: Can Comic Books Explain Science?. It's been a week of unlikely (but lovely!) things, thanks to Feynman.
Feynman Feynman Feynman. That's all I talk about these days... I'd apologize if I was sorry. But after years of working on it and almost a year of having an honest-to-goodness printed copy of it in my own hands, the book could be in your hands tomorrow, I'm not sorry. I'm excited. 

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