Alan Turing Audio: Part 2

Back again with a bit more audio in anticipation of the release of our The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decodedwhich comes out Tuesday (March 22). Here are two of my favorite pieces:

If tomorrow you find yourself wondering about the basis for the omnipresent sound effects that run through, over, and under the panels in the second section of the book, wonder no more: Here's what a Bombe sounds like, courtesy of John Harper & the Bombe Rebuild Project team and Graham Ellsbury. Leland liked this one a lot, and found it useful too. As I recall, he tweaked my interpretation of how to render that in text-based sound effects to...well, good effect!

Speaking of sounds, in our book, Turing huffs and groans through many miles as a long distance runner. He was good at it--nigh unto Olympic class, in fact--but not elegant. (This was true of many aspects of his life; he did remarkable things, but unlike some geniuses, Turing didn't always make it look easy.) Here's Alan Garner, talking about running with Turing.

This bit of audio comes courtesy of Wisconsin Public Radio's "To the Best of Our Knowledge." I did a short comic for them a few years ago along with the fantastic artist Natalie Nourigat, that featured bats, philosophers, Stevie Wonder, Dr. Doolittle, and of course, Alan Turing...

It was as much fun as it sounds!

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