Jim O. at Decatur Book Festival, Sunday, Sep. 1 at 4pm

PRIMATES coverI've never been to the Decatur Book Festival but have heard it's great. So, time to go! 

I'll be talking about Primates (and other books too, if you ask me about them) on Sunday, September 1st, at 4pm on the Teen Stage. If you're in the neighborhood -- which is in the neighborhood of Atlanta -- I hope to see you there in a few days! 

For myself, I'm looking forward to talks by Virgina Morrell, Adam Rex, Caleb Scharf, and Brian Switek, and am sad that I won't be there for Sen. John Lewis' keynote and presentations by a bunch of other great authors. (I'll probably miss Frans de Waal's talk as well...but that's because my signing happens at the same time. So if nobody shows up I'll get to hear him, but I'll be sad for a different reason!)

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