Primates Events: We're Having Some!

PRIMATES coverPrimates. It's a book, it's coming out soon, and we're excited about it.

We = Maris and me, and we're two people who can't wait to talk about this thing we made together. And we may even do some of that talking together, at least once.

So...see below for dates and places so you can plan your social calendar accordingly. (All dates are 2013, in case you wondered.) Event times to be determined, so check back here or at the various locations where we're scheduled to appear for updates. We hope to see you soon!

Charlotte, NC
June 7-9, pretty much all day/all days!

Heroes Con

The book's official release date is June 11, but this is the launch event and debutante ball for the book, all rolled into one. Maris will be in chiffon, I'll be sporting a powder blue tux. Or maybe she'll be wearing a t-shirt and jeans and I will too. (Different shirts, different jeans, I promise.) You'll have to come to the show and find out.

Ann Arbor, MI
June 12, 6-7:30pm

Jim, teaching a workshop at the fabulous Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair. This is for 9-18 year olds, and you can sign up at the link. We'll talk about Primates, of course, but mostly we'll talk about making comics.

Brookline, MA
June 13, 7pm

Brookline Booksmith

Maris, being awesome at a local bookstore.

Ann Arbor, MI
June 15, 7pm
Vault of Midnight

Jim, trying to be as awesome as Maris. Maybe we'll play Bananagrams. The Vault is cool that way.

Somerville, MA
June 15, 11am-3pm
Hub Comics

Maris, still awesome, still local.

Lansing, MI
June 18, 7pm
Schuler's Books and Music's Café Scientifique

Jim, and maybe a guest primatologist! (Probably not Dr. Goodall or Dr. Galdikas, though.)

Ann Arbor, MI
June 22, 10am-6pm
Kids Read Comics

Come to the library! Meet comic artists and writers! Again, this won't be 100% about Primates, or even 10% about me. But it will be fun!

Ann Arbor, MI
June 25, 7pm
Nicola's Books

Jim again, talking more about Primates. I'll make sure it's different from what we'll do (have done!) at the Vault, so you can attend both without fear of being bored. Unless people really liked playing Bananagrams, in which case maybe we can do that again...

Decatur, GA
September 1, 4pm
Decatur Book Festival

Primates! In Georgia. So many other great authors too -- I'm excited to hear Virginia Morrell and Brian Switek talk, among others... You should come!

New York, NY
October 13, noon
New York Comic Con

The World Science Festival is sponsoring this one, and wow, what a line-up: Dominic Walliman (@DominicWalliman) and Charles Soule (@CharlesSoule) and me, moderated by Jonathan Coulton (@jonathancoulton). Did I say wow already? If!

Ann Arbor, MI
November 13, 5:30pm
Institute for the Humanities

Jim again, but this time with John Mitani, who's the real thing: a primatologist. Looking forward to this because I know I'll learn a lot.

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