2011 Feynman Book Tour Recap (so far)...

I've updated the book tour post with some bits about the first big push. Thanks to all who came out to hear about Feynman!

Home...I like it here.


Hi, I heard your speech about "comics about scientists" and you have woke me up to physics. Your book on Fyneman I didn't like the cover. It didn't hit me in the face. The colors you chose were rather bland and who the heck is Fynemant? The cover doesn't tell me. You had the book on the table and I went by it without picking it up for free. Why? because all of the above. The book is expensive for people like me maybe for students also. Therefore I didn't buy it. But I was left with the anguish that I didn't get it. You may be a good comic writer but you don't know anything about Art. I am an artist and I have worked as an Art Director for major advertising agencies in New York. I went to the School of Visual Arts in New York. I know what I am talking about when I say your book cover is a passer by.......

I'm glad I woke you up to physics. Regarding art, I couldn't disagree more about the cover, which I think is terrific...and light years away from bland.

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