EarthSky 22: "Richard Feynman is still awesome" aired a podcast interview with me a few days ago, and somehow I missed it. Maybe you did too.

Even if that doesn't fill you with regret, there's a lot more than just me on the show (good news!), but they still titled the episode as a whole "Richard Feynman is still awesome". If you listen in, you'll find out that I agree.


My copy arrived yesterday. I was showing it to some of our physics majors, and the following happened:

"So, this is a comicbook biography of Feynman, see? (Opens to random page, in which a T.rex menaces some kids.) Of course, it may not be a LITERAL reading of his life story...."

Feynman tells that story, though, so in some sense it is. But hey, as the saying (sort of) goes: When in comics, do as comics do.

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